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We have extensive experience in car and truck auto- electrical systems and supply a range of services including thorough diagnostic evaluation of your vehicle, repair and replacement of parts and full auto electrical servicing. The team only uses quality spare parts for all of our repairs.
Man Starting a Car — Miles Electrical Service in Mackay, QLD

Starter System Diagnostics & Repairs


If you have problems starting your vehicle or your engine won't turn over at all, we can run a series of diagnostic tests to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. We have the modern tools to quickly diagnose issues with your electronic fuel injection, ignition system, engine immobiliser and vehicle sensor. We will quickly repair or replace starter motors, alternators, batteries, ignition coils, distributors, engine leads and voltage regulators.

Vehicle Air-Conditioning Repairs


Over time, air conditioners experience wear and tear so you may find that your vehicle's air-conditioner is not operating as efficiently as it once did. If your air-conditioner no longer blows cold air, is leaking, or it seems to take a long time to cool down your vehicle, then come and see Miles Auto Electrical. we have the necessary technical expertise and equipment to offer a wide range of air-conditioning repairs, servicing and re-gassing for all makes and models of cars and trucks.
Car Machine — Miles Electrical Service in Mackay, QLD
Mechanic Fixing a Battery — Miles Electrical Service in Mackay, QLD

Auto Electric Accessories


We are experienced at repairing all of your vehicle's electrical accessories such as power windows, central locking, horns and wiper motors as well as dashboard gauges and instruments. If you want to replace your car radio with a newer model, the team at Miles Auto Electrical Service can install your new audio system including speakers and amplifiers. We can also fix any problems you have with your existing car radio system. Other vehicle accessory installation services include supplying and fitting solar panels, tow bars, trailer connections and aftermarket spotlights.

Trailer Electrics Repairs & Installations


The team at Miles Auto Electrical Service supply and fit electric brake systems for towing vehicles, trailers and RVs. Our auto electricians can wire an Electric Brake Controller into your car and also run the associated wiring to your trailer, camper, boat-trailer or caravan brakes. We can also repair or upgrade your motorhome, camper trailer or caravan wiring and add new electric features such as fridge connections, lighting, solar panels, inverters and power points.
Mechanic Electric Testing — Miles Electrical Service in Mackay, QLD
Car Backview — Miles Electrical Service in Mackay, QLD

Auto Lighting Systems


Miles Auto Electrical Service perform general repairs on your vehicle's lighting systems. We can check, repair or replace brake lights, indicators, reverse lights, warning lights, head-lights, high beam lights, fog lights and interior lights. We can also install new after-market lights in your vehicle such as spotlights, sports headlights, custom tail-lights, fog lights and other lighting accessories. Our qualified specialists carry out all new light installations to ensure the work and products meet Australian Standards.